Barcelona sport tours

Barcelona is an ideal destination for foreign teams
to their sports camps. Weather, sports facilities,
culture of sport, sport professional workers, experience,...

Barcelona is one of the most dynamic and attractive cities of the Mediterranean coast. It is an open, pluralistic, welcoming and diverse city.


Barcelona has many sports facilities, used to organize first level sports events.


Barcelona features many sports clubs of all kind of sports, most notably the F.C. Barcelona, with worldwide fame.


For his combination of good weather conditions, wide range of accommodation, easy access and a great footbal tradition, Barcelona is a really good location for foreign teams to do their stages or tours. In promoesports we organize these stages so that clubs do not have to worry about anything.

Our services include:


We offer you different options for accommodation, in Barcelona or in any close town. You will be able to choose between different category hotels or young hostels.

Facilities renting for your training sessions

We offer sports facilities renting so that you can do your training sessions you want. We can also provide you with all the material needed (balls, cons…)

Tranining session with our trainers

We give you the chance that your players have a training session with our trainers team. It can be a good opportunity for them to know and experience spanish and catalan traning methodology, known all over the world for FC Barcelona success. We can also offer a clinic with FC Barcelona trainers.

Friendly matches

We manage friendly matches against local teams, according to age and level of players who visit us.


We also want that, a part from sport, you enjoy your visit to Barcelona. So, we manage some sightseeing activities in the most prominent places in Barcelona and Catalonia. Moreover, we give you the opportunity to have an extension to the programme to visit other cities in Spain.

Spanish football, specially Catalan football, is fashion. The training methodology implemented by FC Barcelona, which has succeeded so much, not only in the Club but also in the National team, has become a model for other clubs.

Our technical staff was instructed with this methodology and have experience in different clubs and categories of Catalan football.

With this programme, our clients will be trained by these trainers and coaches.

Our services include:



We offer you different options for accommodation, in Barcelona or in any close town. You will be able to choose between different category hotels or young hostels.

Theoretical training

Trainers will attend several lectures in which they will receive theoretical information about training methodology and game philosophy in Catalan and Spanish football

Practical training

Trainers will attend some training sessions and matches of different clubs in Barcelona in order to supplement the theoretical training they will receive. Training sessions and matches will be varied so that the trainers can observe how we work with different ages and levels.


This is a course for those foreign trainers who do not have the possibility to move to Barcelona. We offer them the chance to participate in an online course, in which our technical staff, through the range of possibilities offered by internet, will teach a training in form of dossiers, animated examples and interaction with the students, all combined in a practical and theorical way.

We offer the possibility to move our technical staff to visit any club all over the world to organize camps for players or clinics for trainers in order to export our methodology anywhere in the world and assist the trainers to help in the development of football and football players.

This is a programme for young foreign players who want to move to Barcelona for some time.

The services included in this programme are:
To supply part of the usual range of accomodation in hotels or young hostels, we add the possibility to stay with a family. This kind of accommodation allows player’s integration to everyday life in Barcelona.


Barcelona is not only football, but also has a wide range of cultural and educational . Whether to continue their secundary or university studies or simply to learn a language, players who take part in this programme will be able to choose what they are going to study during their stay in Barcelona.

Signing for a Club

After passing the trials, players will have the opportunity to enrol a club in Barcelona
Individual technique trainings

To supplement their training, players will have the option to take some individual technique training sessions.

We will send the minors parents every month a report with the players evolution both in academic and sports.