It is shown that sport fosters interpersonal relationships within the company, improving the spirit of excellence, cohesion, togetherness and motivation of workers.
We have designed a sport and health program for companies that we believe will benefit both workers and businesses.

Benefits for workers:
Improvement of health and quality of life
Prevention of poor posture and sedentary tasks
Reconciliation of personal and professional life

Benefits for companies:
Loyalty staff
Increases motivation and therefore productivity
Improves work environment
Improves corporate image

The program of activities that we present aims to promote sport and physical activity in the workplace for workers to acquire or maintain a healthy lifestyle and better mood.
We want every one of the activities that provide participants propose basic guidelines to improve their quality of life, while fostering a better relationship between the company staff, to get a better interrelation and increase performance.
We do not want to limit ourselves to offer sport, we also offer health and corporatism.


Workshops and Talks
Postural education

Guided activities
personal Trainings
Running outputs

Internal tournaments or leagues:
Futsal / Football 7

And if as a company, you would like to make a proposal or request for program activities, we will listen and we will adapt to your needs.