Management professionals as we are, and with our sport professional staff, we offer Clubs our help in managing their sports area.

The issues on which we emphasize to optimize the sports area are:
– Unification of training methodology and game system for all the teams in the Club.
– Design and monitoring the trainings schedules.
– Design and monitoring the trainings sessions
– Collection on computer of all players and teams data .
– Improvement of players selection process.
– Analysis of rival teams and players.
– Recording of training sessions and matches
– Specific trainings for players
– Specific trainings for goal-keepers
– Organization of different sports camps

We offer you two different programmes:

a) a) Advising your coordinators
It is to maintain some meetings with your coordinators and coaches to guide them in their tasks and to monitor the implementation of the methodology
b) Total sport area management
It implies that we assume total management of the sports area, always respecting the philosophy the Board asked.
Apart from sports area management, we also offer our services in other club areas:
– Logistics
– Comunication:
– website
– social networks
– magazine
– Health:
– physiotherapy
– phsycology
– nutrition
– Economic:
– Account and tax advice
– Marketing plan